Scarlet Lee

Principal Broker, CCIM

Fax: (541) 434-6122

Helen Keller wrote: “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”

As a 37 year veteran of real estate brokerage Scarlet Lee delivers on the idea that real estate and life should be rich, fulfilling adventures.

There are only a few generalists practicing real estate in the electronic era.  Scarlet passionately believes that her active residential practice supports her commercial work and both contribute to the expert witness testimony and analysis she is often called upon to perform. Over the years she’d earned a reputation as a “fixer” who is not intimidated by difficult or complex matters in the real estate world.

Scarlet is a native Oregonian having spent much of her childhood in the ranch lands of central and eastern Oregon. Growing up on a working family cattle ranch may now be part of a largely bygone era but it inspired independence, curiosity and a deep appreciation for the land that supports us, not to mention a work ethic. “A rural lifestyle has a lot in common with real estate”, Scarlet says, “You don’t quit at 5:00 PM, you work until the job it done!”

At the tender age of 16 Scarlet’s curiosity was given free rein as she began her college education in Southern Oregon, eventually completing the requirements for three degrees at the University of Oregon, including study in Biology, Art and Theater. Along the way Scarlet danced at a professional level and taught snow skiing.

First licensed in Oregon in 1978 as Oregon was about to enter a deep recession, Scarlet was among a handful of women branching into commercial and institutional real estate. Scarlet was awarded the coveted CCIM designation, the internationally recognized commercial standard of excellence, two decades ago when few women actively participated as experts in the analysis of commercial and investment properties.

“The world is vastly more complex and I am very grateful that my practice has evolved into a three legged stool including residential, commercial and expert witness practices - the learning curves were a bit gentler 30 years ago. The separate disciplines really are interconnected and I think working in each improves my overall skill. It would be so difficult for Brokers starting now to acquire such broad expertise. It simply takes too long in this rapidly changing world.” Scarlet says.

During the early part of this decade Scarlet served as the Principal Broker for the Inland of Lanai, a privately owned Hawaiian Island. She managed the resort sales, the commercial leasing and sales of historic plantation cottages. Scarlet returned to the mainland when the entire standing resort inventory on Lanai was sold. Her varied current projects include tenant representation for a nationally traded company, residential sales in Eugene and expert analysis.

Scarlet lives on a small farm near Eugene with her partner Chuck Spinner. They enjoy the outdoors, books and movies, gardening, entertaining friends and family, and most especially Scarlet’s 3-year-old grandson Henry. Scarlet is a past president of the local Commercial Real Estate Group, CID and a long time board member for Habitat for Humanity, where she remains chairwoman of the Site Selection Committee.

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