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"I'm not a big fan of the real estate brokerage industry. It is full of conflicts of interest and attracts a lot of dubious characters. Karen is different, she is the exception that proves the rule. Karen is a knowledgeable, seasoned, professional with high integrity who is passionate about her work. I recently sold two houses in two different states, while living in yet a third state. Karen was our listing agent for the house in Oregon. During the process, she had to deal with multiple members of our family who had a variety of personality quirks. She handled the situation magnificently. At the same time, she managed the property through process, provided invaluable advice, and coordinated significant repairs. A lesser agent could not have handled the job. And, she saved us a significant amount of time, effort, and cost through the process. I wish I could have found an agent like Karen for the other house we sold. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to, and the difference was dramatic. Karen is the model for what all realtors should be." prez life 1470 W Hilliard Ln, Eugene, OR 97404 August 31, 2017

I found my home town when I moved here in 1989 after living in several states across the country, including Hawaii. I chose Eugene for the schools and community and all that a college town has to offer. Both my sons were born here, so I consider myself a native by birth(ing)! I have been playing softball for over 22 years, Ultimate (Frisbee) for 5 years, love to hike, bike, camp, laugh, play games, do puzzles and spend time with my family and friends.

Recently, I have been volunteering at Habitat for Humanity helping build homes for those in need. It has been a very enriching experience and I have learned a lot about home construction as well as met some wonderful people.

I feel my 20+ years of bookkeeping and office management experience has enhanced my 5+ years in the Real Estate profession.  I truly enjoy my job and love helping people through an experience that can be challenging but is always rewarding.

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