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Nicola was the best residential real estate agent I have encountered. At all times she kept me completely informed about the progress of the sale of my property from showings, to repairs, through the sale. I was an out of town owner and needed much "hands on" help with the sale and all that it entails. Nicola was perfect. She had great advice about pricing and helped me tremendously with the negotiations. She earned every penny of her commission and then some. Would enthusiastically recommend without qualification.

John D

"Nicola took the time to get to know who we were and what our individual and collective needs were. She was sensitive and patient with issues that arise for couples during this important life endeavor. Nicola was also very responsive to phone calls and if there were properties she thought may interest us, she contacted us as soon as she became aware of them. Nicola has been a long time Eugene resident, and her knowledge of
the town was most helpful. We are delighted to refer Nicola as a
wonderful Realtor and advocate for anyone searching for a home in the Eugene area.”

Vincent Panero and Deb Chorney

I would like to start my review of Nicola Calvert by telling you that my mother was a real estate agent. She wasn’t always a real estate agent.  She used to be a production manager for the aerospace industry.  When she decided to get out of production and go into real estate, I scratched my head. Up until then, my mom used to come home at 5:30 everyday…then she became a real estate agent.  I think you get the picture.  Coupled with the fact that at first she didn’t make any money at all and would cry herself to sleep at night I learned to hate anything to do with real estate.  This was further solidified when I became an adult and had to deal with California real estate agents as my reward for growing up! Well, at least because of the four that I had to deal with. So, for the most part, up until now, I have not had a great opinion of real estate agents in general.  But that was before I met Nicola Calvert. 
    I recently moved to Oregon and began my search for a rural property by looking online and trying to find a local real estate office that I’ve never heard of.  I found FRED REALTY.  But most importantly, Nicola Calvert.  Funny that her last name sounds like “convert” but I guess that’s what happened; she converted me!  Nicola and I would meet every Tuesday at noon and cover 4-5 properties anywhere in Lane County encompassing great mileage for two cars following each other. This went on for 5 months!  
At first, I carried my time-tested attitude about “agents” and would barely converse with Nicola except for details about the property.  Then as time went on and any self-respecting Cali agent would have started the “full-court press”  I began to notice how easy-going and truly enjoyable my weekly trips with Nicola had become.  There was so little hard-sell that I thought Nicola was a rookie and happy to just have a customer. How wrong I was!   I thought any “greyhorn” would start pushing for a close, but not Nicky! Patience is her middle name and personal joy and desire to see you happy with your new home are what drives her!  There never was even a hint of pressure.  I never experienced anything but positivity, even if I would decide to “stretch” and look at something out of my range for perspective.  This is big because I am an Armenian and we have radar for pushy sales agents.  What my radar DID pick up was that every question I asked, (and some of them were real rookie questions because I have never had a rural property), she either answered immediately, or would email within a day or so and I would have my answer.  
So, what more could you ask for?  Pleasant, intelligent, diligent, professional, prompt, punctual…did I say pleasant?  How about one of the sweetest personalities I have ever encountered.  And I’ve been everywhere, man!  So, I guess life has taught me something; STOP GENERALIZING! Even if it’s true!  Because out of a sea of average and mediocre there is always one shining light that immerges to remind us of our possibilities.  Nicola Calvert is a good citizen, a good person, and has earned the right of respect. If everyone took a page out of her book we would be a better society. For sure!

J & M Garnache
Proud Owners of Jonica Farms

Nicola was a true pleasure to work with. She spent considerable time educating us on the market and helping us to find properties.

M Wu

Nicola was a great help to us in our home search. She has the essential qualities of being knowledgeable, attentive, and proactive, but more than that, she cared about what we cared about in our home search and she helped us find the home that was right for our family. Absolutely, without a second thought, if we ever decide to move or buy an investment property, Nicola will be our first call!

T Grantom

Nicola is an exceptional agent, very professional, personable, and dedicated to her clients. She listened to my requests for what I was looking for in a house and then accommodated me with only the listings that would work for me. She made herself available for all my questions and concerns and showed me many properties before I purchased my new home. In my opinion, she's the best agent in Oregon!

T Lind

Nicola worked with my family in 2006 to sell our home in South Eugene and find a new one in rural Lane County, near Alvadore. We were one of her first clients, and she did a fantastic job for us. She helped us work with contractors to fix up our old home, worked tirelessly to find a buyer in a slow market, and patiently showed us a wide variety of properties in our search for the perfect homestead.

A few years later, we worked with Nikki to buy some investment farmland. In this case, we had our heart set on a perfect property that we saw right away, but the sellers' family was locked in a court battle, so we needed to wait patiently for them to sort things out and for the property to become truly available. Nikki's patience, good humor and negotiating skills were indispensable in closing that deal for us.

I continue to rely on Nicola for advice on whatever real estate questions come up for me. In terms of her expertise about the technicalities of the real estate business, she's come a long way since she started 9 years ago. But she still gives the same amazingly attentive, patient and client-centered service that impressed me so much back then.

I'd give Nicola my highest recommendation to anyone wanting to buy or sell real estate in Lane County.

~J Russell

About five years ago with Nicola's help I purchased a duplex in Eugene to use as income property. It has worked out very well for me. Before I settled on this one, Nicola took me around to see many others. I was particularly impressed by the way she warned me about possible problems with some of them and by her understanding of housing construction, how repairs are done, etc. She was also very pleasant to deal with, patient, cheerful, honest and cooperative.

~S Hart

Nicola Calvert is an excellent person to work with. If you tell her what you are looking for,such as size of a home, location and price, she works within your range. She does not try to sell you something above your means. She works with people who are looking for a lower priced home, just the same as if they wanted a high priced home. She spends time with you and was very good about returning phone calls and answering your questions. I highly recommend her.
~I Tetro

I was born in Eugene Oregon, and raised in Santa Barbara California. My grandparents started one of the first blueberry farms in the Willamette Valley on Spring Creek Drive off River Road in Eugene. I have a BA from UCSB in Film Studies and occasionally make short documentary films, my last one was on Colombia.

I have been a licensed Real Estate Broker for 11 years (12 years May 5th). Now I'm licensed in Oregon and in California! And spend part of my time in Santa Barbara, Pismo Beach and San Luis Obispo.

My attentive energy will be directed toward your real estate endeavor, whether you are selling your house or embarking on your first home purchase. I share your excitement in finding your new home, it's as thrilling for me!

I offer an exclusive 3D Virtual Tour that is cutting edge technology for homes that I list. This allows buyers to walk trough your house and gives them that emotional connection before making an appointment. Only serious buyers come through the house after touring the home virtually. I find that it cuts down the market time and and allows couples to feel secure in making an offer, even if only one person is able to walk through the home in person.

I'm committed to helping you navigate your home sale or purchase. And I know how to negotiate on your behalf. Please check out the wonderful referrals that my awesome clients have written for me. Part of what makes being a Realtor so fabulous is meeting so many incredible people!

I will make selling your home, or buying your dream home, a pleasurable and profitable experience.

~Nicola Calvert

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